Ballistic Battalion is a social video gaming organization. Our organization is built on high quality individual members that appreciate gaming while valuing teamwork, competition, diversity, and respect.


Ballistic Battalion was founded in 2018 by brothers Matt and John, then known as Ballistic Squad. The organization got its roots in 2016 as a small platoon know as Ballistic Brothers on Battlefield 1 for PS4. Ballistic Battalion is now inclusive of all platforms, both console and PC. Though first person shooters are the focus, all game types are welcome.

Brothers Matt and John were introduced to their first video game Doom by their dad Mark when they were young. From there, their interest in video games grew into a hobby across both PC and console gaming. From 007 Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 to Battlefield 2 on PC, the brothers and their dad enjoyed spending time together playing. After moving out and pursuing careers in different parts of the nation, Matt and John use gaming to stay in touch and develop friendships with other gamers along the way. Mark passed away unexpectedly when both brothers were teenagers. They use gaming as one way to carry on the memory of their dad.

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